Cancer Chair

  One day a friend asked me to make her a cancer chair. My first reaction is Wow where do I start. So for the   next few nights I did some research to get some ideas. But I did not want to copy someone else’s ideas . So     one night when I am getting ready for bed I said “Okay God guide my hands”. I woke up and thought I am       going to make this chair symbolize “Strength” Love and Faith. Strength- meaning for all us cancer people we   have to stay strong and know that we “Will” make it through this. Strength for all the family and friends         that stay strong to support us through this. Love- for us cancer fighters that means all the Love we still         have to give to ourselves and others. Love for the family and friends that show us that they are here for us     no matter what. Faith- not only in our God that he will help us through this but faith in ourselves that we       can beat this evil thing. Faith that the right doctor or scientist will find that right combination to combat         this evil organism. It has wings to represent the ones who fought with all their strength but just could not       fight anymore. It is built of pine, which is a soft wood but put all together it is strong. It has many flaws but   represents our scars and the bling represents that with all we have and still going through that we are still     BEAUTIFUL!!! So I hope that whoever sits in this chair will feel the strength in the meaning of it. 
  Love to you all!!!!